The territory of the commune of Diano d'Alba extends over a hill, and the village itself sits at the top of this 500-m/1,640-ft-high elevation. The name of the village is derived from Diana, the goddess of hunting, to whom the woods which once covered the whole area and extended right up to Alba Pompeia used to be dedicated. Although Diano has maintained its own identity throughout the centuries, its history has been largely determined by the course of events at Alba. After various twists and turns during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, Diano grew into a wine-growing and wine-making hub thanks to its location proving ideal for the growing of quality red wines. The church and the town hall stand on the ruins of a castle which once dominated the surrounding territory. Both were built in the Piemontese baroque style – the former between 1763 and 1770 to plans by an architect named Rangone, the latter in the 1750s. The impressive farms and buildings dotting the hillsides bear testimony to the village's ancient history. As local archives show, the Casavecchia family has been part of the history of Diano d'Alba since as far back as 1800.


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