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The Casavecchia Winery has an ultracentenary tradition.

The main building, set in the city centre, was built with langa stones and vintage bricks in the late 1700. the cellar is located in the basement of the house, its ceiling consists of brick arcways and wooden beams. Here the Diano d’Alba wine matures in concrete tanks, and barbera, nebbiolo and barolo wines age in different capacity barrels made in oak. The wine production comes exclusively from wine grape varieties owned by the Casavecchia Winery and cultivated on a small area which is around 10 hectares.
Today the Casavecchia Winery is managed by the brothers Marco and Luca, respectively agronomist and enologist, wisely counselled by their third brother Carlo's scientific and technical knowledge; the marketing department is lead by Carletta Artusio, who is carlo's wife, and their daughter Elisa.

L'azienda agricola

Diano d'Alba

Diano d'alba is a small village located on the top of a hill about 500 meters asl. From the top of the hill, you can enjoy the view of a breathtaking territory: the alps far in the distance, the hills of moscato and barbaresco are east and the amphitheater-like hills of barolo and the city of alba are west.
The pedoclimatic area is particularly devoted to great wines: as a matter of fact, Diano d'Alba territory is famous for its cultivated vinyards and wine grape varietes from which the very important doc (designation of controlled origins) wines such as Nebbiolo d'alba and Barbera d'Alba and docg (designation of controlled and garanteed origins) wines such as Barolo and Diano d'Alba wine come.
The Dolcetto vine cultivated on this soil thanks to this special climate can give wines of important structure, intensely fruited, round pleasant and particularly adapted to aging. To differ it from the other dolcetto wines, we prefered to call it simply "Diano d'Alba".

The production

The production is limited in quantity because it is meticulousy selected in order to offer wines recognizable for harmony, balance, structure and typicality. the authenticity of our territory followed by roundness and pleasantness is what we try to bottle along with our wines. We focus our attention on wine aging and we propose them to our clients at the right moment of their aging with two-three years’s delay compared to the minimum of the respective regulations.


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