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Diano d’Alba

Designation of controlled and garanteed origins

Söri Bruni

All the best vineyards in the village of diano d’alba were called "Söri", a piedmontese expression that means "Sunsoacked". If the dolcetto vine is cultivated with particular attention and great care, it will produce a wine of an exstraordinary pleasantness and longevity. Diano d’Alba "Söri Bruni"’s colour is bright ruby red; its bouquet is fragrant, rich and complex, with many fruity notes. The taste of this wine is full, soft and rightly tannic, balanced with a long persistence.

This Söri Bruni is registered n° 22 of the 76 Söri of Diano d’Alba and has the following characteristics:

Altitude | 310 a.s.l.

Exposition | Southwest

Surface area | 1,4900 Ha

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